YG Feat Rose Gold – Keisha Had A Baby

YG Feat Rose Gold - Keisha Had A BabyYG Feat Rose Gold – Keisha Had A Baby

YG adopts a Tupac style strategy for the track “Keisha Had A Baby” melody. Absolutely, in entitling the melody in that capacity, the rapper calls onto the specialty of narrating to talk on the account of a young lady named Keisha. Also, much like Brenda, the story’s lead was brimming with potential yet takes on an alternate course when she gets got up to speed from seeking after the wrong things. The melody’s organization is much similar to that of Tupac’s, however it stays all things considered fascinating to hear a cutting edge interpretation. Besides, the heavenly vocals by Rose Gold further add to the tune’s infectiousness and bop-factor.

YG’s 4REAL collection made genuine steps since it was uncovered this previous week. The entry of the LA-local’s profoundly foreseen venture prompted much more prominent awards when the rapper committed his collection “In cherishing memory of Nipsey Hussle” and declared the collection deals would go straightforwardly to Hussle’s family. Furthermore, so far, the assemblage of work still can’t seem to baffle. This collection is Los Angeles birthed, reproduced and bolstered. The recently assessed track which grabbed our attention comprised of the bar-overwhelming and feel great tune “Heart 2 Heart” wherein Meek Mill was tapped for a commendable section.

YG Feat Rose Gold – Keisha Had A Baby

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