Video: Chance The Rapper & Reeseyman – What’s The Hook

Video: Chance The Rapper & Reeseyman - What's The HookVideo: Chance The Rapper & Reeseyman – What’s The Hook

Reeseynem and chance the rapper released their song “What’s The Hook” two days ago and are already back with a video for it where, for lack of a better word(s), they look like they’re having a lot of fun. We’ve come to expect this from Chance, especially after the overwhelming positivity of Coloring Book, but this video seems so genuine: it’s just two friends dancing around Chicago with giant smiles on their faces. Everyone around them looks like they’re having a good time too. The women twerking around them on a couch have a sense of humour about the whole thing and all the individual shots of what look like friends of the rappers dancing are fun and shameless.

The video even ends with a big group of them swerving through the streets on Divvys (Chicagos public bike sharing program, not a cool look for sure). The duo also went on Wild N Out to promote the song, a video you can watch here

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