Tobi Lou – Live on Ice Album Zip Download + iTunes

Tobi Lou - Live on Ice Album Zip Download + iTunesTobi Lou – Live on Ice Album Zip Download + iTunes

The profoundly creative Tobi Lou has arrived with a broad 21-tune exertion, which incorporates an amazement of a reward cut at the end. You can thank an ongoing arousing, as Tobi said himself in a public statement (issued a week ago) – for the helplessness that is happened upon him as of late. Certainly, Tobi Lou was never one to take the open street with domineering rules. At 30 years old, Tobi is deceivingly more established than he shows up from the outset locate. In any case, that is simply it: his wiseness is wrapped in a progression of punch love vignettes, in the shape of Joji, yet undeniably more rap-driven, and a ton increasingly ethereal in core interest. Try not to trust me, see with your own eyes.


1. 100 Degrees
2. Waterboy
3. I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now
4. Sometimes I Ignore You Too
5. That Old Nu-Nu (feat. Erica Rene)
6. My Party
7. 8702
8. Deserve It (feat. Rockie Fresh)
9. Smiling at My Phone
10. Delete My # Baby
11. Berlin/Westside
12. Cheap Vacations (feat. Facer)
13. Looped Up (feat. Vernon)
14. Favorite Substitute (feat. Ryan Destiny)
15. Humpty Dumpty
16. Like My Mom
17. Orange Reprise (feat. Lejkeys)
18. Theme Music
19. Crying in the Club
20. Ice Cream Girl
21. 17cg (Bonus Track)

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