Pouya & Rocci – life? … lol Mp3 [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Pouya & Rocci - life? ... lol Mp3 [Zippyshare + 320kbps]Pouya & Rocci – life? … lol Mp3 [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

The Florida rapper has recently dropped his most recent track, hilariously titled “life? … lol.” Taking a takeoff from his standard sound, Pouya gives a milder, progressively delicate conveyance in his rhymes. In ostensibly his best work yet, the rapper recounts to the narrative of a relationship turned out badly, conceivably suggesting his concise split from Instagram model Baby Coco this late spring, however he as of late reported on Instagram that the two have gotten back together. Vocalist Rocci praises Pouya’s shock with his breezy, high as can be voice, and every component of the melody—from the generation, to the warm guitar, to the stream change part of the way through—cooperate in amicability.

The 7-minute track is joined by a 10-minute video, a strange story that depicts Pouya as wheelchair-bound, living in a murky, trailer park fever dream. From the outset, the young lady featuring in the video gives off an impression of being his better half, however as the astounding story continues to give her dealing with him by coddling him Spaghettios and giving him wipe showers in the kiddie pool outside, she could simply be his mom or overseer. The most upsetting but then enamoring piece of the video happens when this lady brings home a man named “Princess” who takes an extraordinary enthusiasm for Pouya and, in the most freakish move of the entire video, puts his pants over Pouya’s head. While the visual is befuddling and awkward, it leaves an impression, and the basic excellence of the tune some way or another works impeccably with these shaking pictures.

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