Nas – QueensBridge Politics

Nas - QueensBridge PoliticsNas – QueensBridge Politics

Today, the famous rapper Nas, favored us with his collection The Lost Tapes 2, which ministers a lot of his recently recorded melodies that never appeared to make the cut in his different ventures. Despite the fact that a portion of the tracks on the tape, similar to his jazz-injected single “Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack)” were met with blended audits, the undertaking all in all is a perfect work of art in its own right, displaying the craftsman’s inventive flexibility. The Lost Tapes 2 highlighted a bunch of highlights like RaVaughn, David Ranier, Swizz Beatz, and Al Jarreau, its the generation credits which gloat an incredible weighty rundown of names – with individuals like Swizz Beatz, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, No I.D., Eddie Cole, RZA, Hit-Boy, Eric Hudson, DJ Dahi, DJ Khalil, Pete Rock, and The Alchemist. Adore it or abhor it, you can’t deny that Nas conveys every single time as far as lyricism, talking on issues which once in a while go past the extent of a great many people’s understanding.

For the track “QueensBridge Politics,” Nas strips things down and pays tribute to his late companion, and previous colleague, Prodigy. The two have a long and turbulent history, they used to team up pretty frequently all through their vocations, however things got somewhat untidy as time went on. A fracture was framed between the two after Nas took shots at Prodigy on “Wreck and Rebuild,” which he made as a reaction to the apparent shots Prodigy tossed at him on Cormega’s “Thun and Kicko.” They in the long run fixed their issues and even kept teaming up, that is, until Prodigy’s heartbreaking demise in 2017. The wonderful and solemn track is conveyed as a reflection on his life overall, just as their companionship, and the second thoughts Nas had that the two didn’t “construct more and get things right” before P’s demise.

Nas – QueensBridge Politics

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