Mixtape: Princess Nokia – Everything Sucks Zip Download + iTunes

Mixtape: Princess Nokia - Everything Sucks Zip Download + iTunesMixtape: Princess Nokia – Everything Sucks Zip Download + iTunes

Princess Nokia has come back with another mixtape called Everything Sucks, which highlights ten new tracks and a lot of style from the New York rapper. A solid supporter of the women’s activist development and one of a kind in her way to deal with aestheticness, Nokia’s most recent tape may prod a skeptical topic however the final product is definitely not discouraging. In the event that anything it’s intended to start eruptions of adrenaline in places, arranged unbelievably through Nokia’s ruinous and fun loving vision.

With delivering originating from Tony Seltzer, Chris Lare, Powers Pleasant, Invisible Will, and that’s just the beginning, Everything Sucks is a balanced and sonically adjusted exertion. Tracks like “Net” distract audience members kilter with an angering synth setting, the ideal springboard for Nokia’s hysterical punchline conveyance. “Expense Fi Foe” is the ideal partner, feeling positively “standard” conversely and permitting Nokia to flex an all around rehearsed stream.

It wouldn’t be an advanced rap collection without at any rate one reference to Balenciaga, however Nokia appears to be more disposed to flex her easy style than the sticker price of her closet. She even pauses for a minute to get individual, voicing a portion of her questions and staying focuses on the reasonable closer “Only A Kid.” While Everything Sucks probably won’t be the transformation point for easygoing or inquisitive fans, it’s everything except ensured to excite her reliable supporters.

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