Mixtape: Mahalia – Isolation Tapes EP Zip Download

Mixtape: Mahalia - Isolation Tapes EP Zip DownloadMixtape: Mahalia – Isolation Tapes EP Zip Download

It’s obvious that this quarantine has left artists with plenty of time to create. Over the last few weeks, Friday releases have been overwhelmed with music from, well, damn-near everybody. We’re not complaining, because one thing that seems to have united the world during this global, COVID-19 pandemic is art. Mahalia adds her name to the growing list of artists who have released projects recently, as the British singer has shared her three-track EP titled Isolation Tapes.

“Since being at home, I’ve spent a lot of time writing new music and listening to old music,” Mahalia said of her new project. “I found songs that I’d forgotten about, listened to them and fell in love with them all over again. In these uncertain times, when we have so little control over what is going to happen next, I think we have to focus on what we can control. Music is where I feel that most. And I’m so proud to be putting this EP out!” Give Isolation Tapes a spin and let us know what you think.

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