KXNG CROOKED – Jewelry Business

KXNG CROOKED - Jewelry BusinessKXNG CROOKED – Jewelry Business

KXNG Crooked‘s a standout amongst the most underestimated rappers from the West Coast, particularly with regards to lyricism. Since the highest point of the year, he’s been favoring fans with new music on a week by week premise – and hasn’t avoided seven days yet – for his restored Hip Hop Weekly arrangement. Over probably the hardest beats in hip-bounce’s history, KXNG Crooked comes through and transforms them into his own beast. This week, he takes on an exemplary record as he practices he’s expressive muscle.

Over Lil Troy’s great record “I Wanna Be A Baller,” KXNG Crooked conveys his most recent in the Weeklys, “Adornments Business.” The rapper takes on the instrumental to do some close to home thinking about his second thoughts and current issues he’s confronting. “Ramen noodles for supper, I made my incredible getaway/Still got issues, I’m prayin’ over a plate of steak,” he rhymes on the track.

It’s another blockhead exertion from Crooked. Peep his most recent dip under.

KXNG CROOKED – Jewelry Business

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