Hopsin – I Don’t Want It

Hopsin - I Don't Want ItHopsin – I Don’t Want It

“This will likely be the last tune I placed out in some time,” starts Hopsin, on the serious opening notes of “I Don’t Want It.” “I’m sorry to learn my fans.” In that sense, Hopin’s most recent begins an irritating note, with the waiting risk of self-hurt floating overhead. As he begins rapping, his contemplations promptly travel to Robin Williams, as Hopsin battles to envision what the darling entertainer may have been considering before ending his very own life. “My entire life they was calling me cliché, inept,” he raps, his feeling running high. “I never had a father that was there to coach me through it, skateboarding was my departure, it wasn’t only for entertainment.”

Indeed, even as his present situation improves, with cames come an alternate kind of obligation. “I’m simply loaning cheddar,” he raps, “presently I’m simply taken a gander at as an ATM machine/on the off chance that I don’t give my companions my cash, poo, I’m the foe.” As the tune advances to its peak, Hop turns out to be vocally increasingly distressed, everything except asking for an approach to continue through to the end. It’s a ground-breaking determination from the rapper, and we can dare to dream that Hopsin is feeling OK, as the words he’s expressing are reminiscent of those in Eminem’s “Absolute bottom.” Keep your head up, Hop.

Hopsin – I Don’t Want It

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