bbno$ – I Don’t Care At All Album Zip [iTunes + CDQ]

bbno$ - I Don't Care At All Album Zip [iTunes + CDQ]bbno$ – I Don’t Care At All Album Zip [iTunes + CDQ]

Everything about bbno$ is very Internet. He exploded abroad after a Chinese kid band moved to one of his melodies. The Vancouver-brought into the world craftsman’s North American ubiquity made up for lost time when “Lalala” turned into a viral hit off TikTok. His new collection, “I couldn’t care less by any stretch of the imagination”, is implanted with all the silliness and lack of interest of online culture. Its title is clearly enough to affirm that, yet just to ensure you get the message, it contains a track that re-accentuates this opinion and indicates where it originates from. “I DON’T CARE AT ALL CAUSE I GOT MONEY!!!!!!!” is a jolty tune that seems like it would be a festival, yet includes all the more dull conveyance.

The whole undertaking is created by Y2K, who is additionally liable for “Lalala”. He outfits a great exhibit of beats for bbno$ to mess around with. They all vibe like little trials to perceive what sticks and the absence of worry about whether they will or not loans them a specific appeal. “pop tune” begins by explaining that it came to fruition in light of the mark’s solicitation and bbno$ amusingly plays alongside the guidelines of the imbecilic game like a genuine millennial. The millennial-ness radiates through on “jimmy neutron” as well, which gains by electronic wistfulness for mid 2000’s youngsters’ customizing.

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