ALBUM: NF – The Search Zip Download

ALBUM: NF - The Search Zip DownloadALBUM: NF – The Search Zip Download

Michigan rapper NF has come back with his fourth studio collection The Search. The 28-year-old rapper’s past record Perception went platinum, and he’s trusting that his most recent exertion will be similarly too gotten by fans. NF’s frequently agonizing, passionate tunes share stories of his battles and youth devils, making his fast rhymes relatable for some. He’s frequently been contrasted with specialists likeLogic, Machine Gun Kelly, or Eminem, justifiably, however NF’s own confidence as a Christian impacts how he approaches his topic. Nonetheless, he gives it a chance to be realized that he wouldn’t like to be named as a “Christian rapper.”

The Search discovers NF remaining solitary beside one element from Sasha Sloan on “As it were.” He gives cautious consideration to his lyricism and the generation is well-made all through, making his fourth collection a noteworthy one. “Put a great deal of energy into this one!” NF tweeted. “Much obliged to you folks for all the help!! My new collection THE SEARCH IS OUT NOW!!!” What do you think about The Search?


1. The Search
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Change
4. My Stress
5. Nate
6. Time (Extended)
7. Returns
8. When I Grow Up
9. Only feat. Sasha Sloan
10. Let Me Go
11. -Interlude-
12. Hate Myself
13. I Miss the Days
14. No Excuses
15. Like This
16. Options
17. Why
18. Thinking
19. Trauma
20. Time

ALBUM: NF – The Search Zip Download

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