ALBUM: Cassidy – Numbers Zip Download

ALBUM: Cassidy - Numbers Zip DownloadALBUM: Cassidy – Numbers Zip Download

The Hustla’s arrival to the “battle circuit” was overturned by a hungrier adversary, as destiny would have it. Fight rapping can now and again feel like a social action established in preference, particularly when the combatant(s) can’t lay to a home group advantage, as though frequently the situation when Philly and New York lock horns. Thus it goes: you can’t win every one of the hearts with one flush hand; Cassidy wasn’t going to let a part choice misfortune (at Resolution) deflect him any further.

This week, Cassidy finished his first mixtape in some time. Bearing the title of Numbers, Cassidy ends up in a natural position: responsible for the Hustla persona, he created about 15 years back. With commitments from any semblance of lesser-referred to specialists, for example, Reggae Ratchet, Bishop, and Cerda, Numbers stands a decent shot of surpassing desires, out ‘er an attempt.

Tracklist Numbers

1. Get To A Sell
2. Like Mine Feat. Reggae Ratchet
3. Its Mayhem When We Come Through ft. Reggae Ratchet
4. Hide From Me
5. Get Rich Feat. Cerda
6. Let’s Get To This Chicken Feat. Reggae Ratchet
7. It’s Hard Out Here Feat. Bishop
8. Constitutional Rights
9. When It All Go Wrong Feat. Bishop
10. Another Plan
11. I Feel Good
12. He Pussy
13. Fade Away
14. Put In Work Feat. Cerda

ALBUM: Cassidy – Numbers Zip Download

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